Asylum Gen IV Car DOD/AFM Delete Kit

Asylum Gen IV Car DOD/AFM Delete Kit


DOD/AFM Delete Kit Includes:


1x GM Performance LS2/LS3/LS7 Valley Cover w/PCV Nipple - 12599296

4x GM Performance Gen IV Lifter Trays - 12595365

2x GM Performance LSx MLS Exhaust Manifold/Header Gasket - 12617944

1x GM Performance LS6 Valley Cover PCV Hose - 12594779

2x GM Performance LSx Valve Cover Gasket - 12637683

And Choice of:

2x 5.7 Headgaskets, LS3 Headgaskets or LS9 Headgaskets

1x Full Set of GM Performance LS7 Lifters or GM Performance (Caddy) Race Lifters

1x Set of GM Head Bolts, ARP Head Bolts or ARP Head Studs

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